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Türk Devletleri'nin Kuruluş ve Yıkılış Tarihi

Ekleyen: şanlıurfalı, 04.04.2008

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti ilelebet payidar kalacaktır! Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Büyük Türk Devletleri

Büyük Hun İmparatorluğu/M.Ö. 4. asır - M.S. 48
Avrupa (Batı) Hun İmparatorluğu/374-496
Ak Hun (Eftalit) İmparatorluğu/4. asır sonları - 577
Birinci Göktrük İmpararorluğu/552-582
Doğu Göktürk İmparatorluğu/582-630
Batı Göktürk İmparatorluğu/582-630
İkinci Göktürk İmparatorluğu/681-744
Uygur İmparatorluğu/744-840
Avrupa Avar İmparatorluğu/6. asır - 805
Hazar İmparatorluğu/7. asır - 965
Karahanlılar Devleti/840-1042
Gazneliler Devleti/962-1187
Büyük Selçuklu Devleti/1038-1194
Harezmşahlar Devleti/1097-1231
Osmanlı Devleti/1299-1922
Timurlular Devleti/1370-1506
Bâbürlüler (Gürgâniyye) Devleti/1526-1858


Kuzey Hun Devleti/48-156
Güney Hun Devleti/48-216
Birinci Chao Hun Devleti/304-329
İkinci Chao Hun Devleti/328-352
Hsia Hun Devleti/407-431
Kuzey Liang Hun Devleti/401-439
Lov-lan Hun Devleti/442-460
Tabgaç Devleti/386-557
Doğu Tabgaç Devleti/534-557
Batı Tabgaç Devleti/534-557
Doğu Türkistan Uygur Devleti/911-1368
Liang Şa-t'o Türk Devleti/907-923
Tana Şa-t'o Türk Devleti/923-936
Tsin Şa-t'o Türk Devleti/937-946
Kan-çou Uygur Devleti/905-1226
Türgiş Devleti/717-766
Karluk Devleti/766-1215
Kırgız Devleti/840-1207
Sabar Devleti/5. asır - 7. asır arası
Dokuz Oğuz Devleti/5. asır sonu - 6. asır sonu
Otuz Oğuz Devleti/5. asır sonu - 6. asır sonu
Basar-Alan Türk Devleti/1380-?
Doğu Karahanlı Devleti/1042-1211
Batı Karahanlı Devleti/1042-1212
Fergana Karahanlı Devleti/1042-1212
Oğuz-Yabgu Devleti/10. asrın ilk yarısı - 1000
Suriye Selçuklu Devleti/1092-1117
Kirman Selçuklu Devleti/1092-1307
Türkiye Selçuklu Devleti/1092-1307
Irak Selçuklu Devleti/1157-1194
Eyyubîler Devleti/1171-1348
Delhi Türk Sultanlığı/1206-1413
Mısır Memlûk Devleti/1250-1517
Karakoyunlu Devleti/1380-1469
Akkoyunlu Devleti/1350-1502


İzmir Beyliği/1081-1098
Dilmaçoğulları Beyliği/1085-1192
Danişmendli Beyliği/1092-1178
Saltuklu Beyliği/1092-1202
Ahlatşahlar Beyliği/1100-1207
Artuklu Beyliği/1102-1408
İnaloğulları Beyliği/1098-1183
Mengüçlü Beyliği/1072-1277
Erbil Beyliği/1146-1232
Çobanoğulları Beyliği/1227-1309
Karamanoğulları Beyliği/1256-1483
İnançoğulları Beyliği/1261-1368
Sâhib Atâoğulları Beyliği/1275-1342
Pervâneoğulları Beyliği/1277-1322
Menteşeoğulları Beyliği/1280-1424
Candaroğulları Beyliği/1299-1462
Karesioğulları Beyliği/1297-1360
Germiyanoğulları Beyliği/1300-1423
Hamidoğulları Beyliği/1301-1423
Saruhanoğulları Beyliği/1302-1410
Aydınoğulları Beyliği/1308-1426
Tekeoğulları Beyliği/1321-1390
Eretna Beyliği/1335-1381
Dulkadıroğulları Beyliği/1339-1521
Ramazanoğulları Beyliği/1325-1608
Doburca Türk Beyliği/1354-1417
Kadı Burhaneddin Ahmed Devleti/1381-1398
Eşrefoğulları Beyliği/13. asır ortaları - 1326
Berçemeoğulları Beyliği/12. asır
Yarluklular Beyliği/12. asır




Büyük Bulgarya Hanlığı/630-665
İtil (Volga) Bulgar Hanlığı/665-1391
Tuna Bulgar Hanlığı/981-864
Peçenek Hanlığı/860-1091
Uz Hanlığı/860-1068
Kuman-Kıpçak Hanlığı/9. asır - 13. asır
Özbek Hanlığı/1428-1599
Kazan Hanlığı/1437-1552
Kırım Hanlığı/1440-1475
Kasım Hanlığı/1445-1552
Astrahan Hanlığı/1466-1554
Hive Hanlığı/1512-1920
Sibir Hanlığı/1556-1600
Buhara Hanlığı/1599-1785
Kaşgar-Tufan Hanlığı/15. asır başları - 1877
Hokand Hanlığı/1710-1876
Türkmenistan Hanlığı/1860-1885


Âzebaycan Cumhuriyeti/1918-1920
Batı Trakya Türk Cumhuriyeti-I/31 Ağustos 1913
Batı Trakya Türk Cumhuriyeti-II/1915-1917
Batı Trakya Türk Cumhuriyeti-III/1920-1923
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti/1923-...
Hatay Cumhuriyeti/1938-1939
Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti/1983-...
Âzerbaycan Cumhuriyeti/1991-...
Kazakistan Cumhuriyeti/1991-...
Kırgızistan Cumhuriyeti/1991-...
Tacikistan Cumhuriyeti/1991-...
Özbekistan Cumhuriyeti/1991-...
Türkmenistan Cumhuriyeti/1991-...

Haberin Kaynağı:Türk Devletleri'nin Kuruluş ve Yıkılış Tarihi

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3 Misafir


I agree the prices were just too high. I drove all the way from Chicago for this event only to find tiacypl sale prices, and nothing better. This is a national event, and if you want it to stay that way, then you have to provide prices low enough to draw people from across the nation. You did not do that this year. This was my first year at the sale, and I'm glad I went to cross the sale off my bucket list, but I will not be back- it wasn't worth it. Furthermore, I'm starting to dislike the Vera Bradley brand because they are not listening to their customers on this matter. Vera Bradley needs to remember that their purses are made of cotton, and so they stain and wear down shoulder straps and just plain wear out MUCH faster than competitors purses made out of high quality leather. So that is why Vera purses will always be worth less than Coach or other purses.The hipster is THE classic bag for this event, and so above all other sales it should be marked down more than any other. Yet at $39.99, the hipster was by far the worst deal of the sale. Umbrellas at $19.99 were another horrible deal at the sale. I wouldn't buy a non-vera umbrella for $19.99, so why should I buy a Vera umbrella on clearance for that price? I was hoping that I would enjoy the Vera sale enough to make it a tradition. Instead I've learned to just keep an eye on your online sales and the sales in my local outlet store, and that I wasted my money going all the way to Fort Wayne for something that wasn't anything special at all. If Vera REALLY wanted to make it up to us, they could email a special discount code to everyone registered for the sale, then offer some clearance sales on top of that online for some of the worst-priced items at the sale (like hipsters, umbrellas, and the weekender).

4 Misafir


This was my first year going! I absolutely had a ball! I atednted the sale with my cousin and a close family friend. We were surprised when we arrived that not many people were in line at 5 am. Perhaps it was the cold rainy weaher, but once we gt inside people began pooring in. It was so amazing to see all the Vera fans! Carring all the Vera bags! I was saddened by the prices but I remembered a lot of the money does go to a great cause! Maybe next year you could lower the prices a little or have a ticket drawing for a Vera gift! Next year ill be back with more people! Can't wait to do this again! I was also hoping Vera herself would be there to sign my purse! Much love!

5 Misafir


I agree with all the ladies above me, the pceris were too high. I can get things much cheaper at the Outlet stores :-/ The first time I went, four years ago, it was amazing! You walked out feeling so great about the deals you just got! That wasn't the case this year. Another disappointment was products were already sold out before the first session to the public started! I'm a huge reusable grocery bag person and they didn't have any left come Monday morning at 7:30am. When I asked a worker if they knew where the were located I had many reply they saw them yesterday but not today. The VBOS is always a good time with friends but it would be nice to see the pceris how the used to be! Keep the event something special!

6 Misafir


I was very disappointed in the. We had a 5 hour drive and could have done just as well price wise on the Internet. Went on Friday then again on Saturday. Most of the price markdown silver balloons on Sat. were the same price as Fri. There was only one that I saw as an actual markdown. Another of my group saw one also. I was disappointed in the Vera experienc this year. The attendance seemed to be way down on the days we attended. We did not have to wait either day! That was one positive for my group. I believe the bad economy has hit a lot of people and Vera as well, hence the higher and less attendance.

7 Misafir


This was my first time going. It was a great experience but I too was at some of the prices. The outlet stores are definitely cheaper on most items, but not all. What I loved was the variety of home and office supplies. Those items are never readily available online. I will probably go next year to give it one more shot, but it the prices are that high again, it will be my last year. I had to fly in and then drive factoring that in, I really didn't come out ahead at all. Hipters $39.99. No way! Placemats were $9.99 and retail was $12.00. REALLY??

8 Misafir


I could have stayed home and things online for the same or better price and even with the shipping I would have spent less than I did driving to the sale. I also have always spent a good amount of money at the sale as I always gifts and items to donate to local fundraisers, as well as things for myself. This year I spent very little. I hope that before the sale next year Vera lets us know if it will be a Sunday of great deals or if it will be like this year. If it is the same as this year we will not be traveling to Ft. Wayne, makes me very sad.

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