Bargain on mortgage loan

3 Jan

When you look around and compare the different lenders’ interest rates for mortgages, you see that they are often quite similar. Therefore, one can think that it does not matter as much to which lender you choose to borrow the … Read More »

All about cash credit.

24 Dec

The cost of living is much too high for many people and of course the quality of life should not be restricted. Invoices have to be paid, the vehicle needs a repair that is long overdue and the planned family … Read More »

How to negotiate your debts

25 Oct

Anyone who has been through financial turmoil knows that there is nothing better than financial tranquility. The problem with being in debt is that this situation does not only bring problems to the pocket: it also affects health and relationships.Because … Read More »

Strategy to pay your debts

22 Oct

One reader – who will not be identified by the exposure – sent us the following question through our contact page: “I am totally in debt. To give you an idea, I earn a net salary of $ 3,900.00 and … Read More »