Difficult bank loans for individuals, businesses, businesses and companies – what exactly do they mean?

5 Jan

Difficult bank loans are often called hopeless loans without a way out, with no chance of a new loan. Difficult loans mean you cannot get a loan in the normal banking process.

What are the difficult bank loans?

What are the difficult bank loans?

Banks require large financial collateral, the bank’s priority is loan repayment, which usually consists of: capital, interest and often a bank commission for granting a loan. Credit risk is checked very strictly and strictly against persons applying for a loan. Clients and enterprises are assessed when applying for a loan based on their credit history, which is checked in the BIK Credit Information Bureau, banks check how they were repaid historical – closed liabilities, current loans – active, if the loan is taken for the first time, the loan amount is usually lower due to higher credit risk, banks do not yet know how we will pay back the liability because they do not have access to the credit history, because it is not yet in BIK. The client becomes more credible to the bank after he pays 6 bank installments on time, then we have a score in the BIK Economic Information Bureau, i.e. a score, which consists of several factors: loan repayment, credit inquiries, how often we ask for a loan, the more inquiries about a loan the worse, each subsequent bank wonders why the client or company has not obtained a loan from the banks in which we asked, and here credit risk increases. We can check our assessment in BIK by creating an account in BIK, after logging in we can download the report and check how we are perceived. The report greatly facilitates the work of an adviser in analyzing difficult loans, subsequent refusals by banks.

Difficult loans mean a lack of customer creditworthiness, often bank and non-bank installments exceed our monthly salary, customers have bank refusals for unknown and unexplained reasons, because no one has informed them what should be done in this situation, e.g. historical entry in the Credit Information Bureau – BIK, in the Economic Information Bureau – BIG, in the National Register of Debtors – KRR.

Difficult corporate loans and what’s next, how to sort out the company’s financial situation?

Difficult corporate loans and what

Running a business is not a simple matter, it involves a lot of responsibility towards yourself and employees. Companies often use credit to develop further, achieve their goals, you always have to analyze your financial situation with your mind. A common problem is too low income or income to get a company loan. When applying for a company loan, regardless of the type of loan, whether working capital loan or investment loan, virtually all companies demand three transfers or certificates of no arrears to the social security institution – the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office, and here another problem with obtaining a company loan begins, if enterprises have problems with timely payments to ZUS, US institutions. These problems most often result from the loss of liquidity. Temporary problems with principals, and taxes do not wait, must be paid on time, if the company employs employees must pay salaries, and in this situation it is not easy. A working loan for companies can be a rescue, here banks open to companies and give light to regain corporate liquidity.

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